A unique Caribbean entity, Curaçao is a constituent country of the Netherlands and offers an exemplary location to study the geography, origins, and contemporary issues related to globalization. Preparatory coursework will consist of readings, lecture, and discussions to familiarize students with the regional geography of the Caribbean, both in a historical and its current global contexts. Foci will be placed on the significance of Curaçao’s location during the colonial and modern eras and Curaçao’s contemporary pluralistic society. This class is co-taught with Dr. Scott Drzyzga and runs in parallel with a Geo 450 course taught by Dr. Sean Cornell. We usually teach Geo 190 and Geo 450 every two years, so our next trip is planned for December 2016. Download a recent Geo 190 Syllabus, visit the course website, and check out a few photos here.

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