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Geo 101: World Geography

This course offers a broad introduction to world regions, and we will approach the study of these regions from a geographical perspective. For each region of the world, we will investigate the landforms and physical geography, natural resources, climate, population patterns, human impacts on the environment, economy, cultural landscapes, and patterns of development. Most course…

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Ess 108: Conservation of Natural Resources

This course serves as an introduction to the science of conservation. Topics will include human population growth, climate change, energy issues, air and water pollution, ecosystem management, biological diversity, and agriculture. We will examine Earth’s physical resources focusing on a basic scientific understanding of each resource, natural versus human-induced changes associated with these resources, and…

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Geo 244: Land Use

How we conceptualize land and how land is used involves aspects of economy, environment, and society in a historical context. Interaction between these various elements leads to patterns of land use and land use change that occur in a particular legal framework. This course will review the relationship of people to the land and how…

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Geo 322: Urban Geography

In this class, we will examine the form and function of cities and explore geographic theories related to urban evolution and internal and external patterns of interaction, with an emphasis on North American cities. Multiple perspectives on urban problems will be explored, ranging from quantitative/technical to socio-cultural to environmental. This is a reading, writing and…

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Geo 301: Biogeography

In this class we examine basic concepts and factors which are important in understanding the processes and influences involved in studying the distribution of terrestrial organisms over the earth. Some topics of importance include biodiversity; past and present patterns of the distribution of terrestrial organisms; the abiotic, biotic and human influences on those patterns; and…

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Nantucket Sound

Geo 533: Science of Land Use Change

Land use and land cover changes can have far-reaching social and environmental impacts. This course will study primary land use systems, land use and land cover change, and will focus on ecosystem impacts of these systems and their dynamics, such as impacts on hydrology, wildlife habitat, and ecosystem services. The concepts and methods that you…

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Geo 190: Globalization in the Caribbean

A unique Caribbean entity, Curaçao is a constituent country of the Netherlands and offers an exemplary location to study the geography, origins, and contemporary issues related to globalization. Preparatory coursework will consist of readings, lecture, and discussions to familiarize students with the regional geography of the Caribbean, both in a historical and its current global…

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